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Back in the day I started the "RNH Stonehouse Forum and this Website" this was way before Facebook took over the world and we currently have have 409 members.

The forum is very private nothing like FB, which is why it was started.

But with the advent of our FB group, its clear that FB is the better medium for daily chat if not quite as secure.

The Forum cost me $10 a month which is about 6 quid, but its not very well used, again with the advent of FB, so I was wondering if it was worth keeping it.


So after lots of feedback and due consideration This Website will close down on October 3rd 2014 ( Weekend of the reunion )

The Forum will close sometime over the next 3-4 weeks.


But in order to keep Our Obituaries and the occasional posts of interest, plus our Photograph Albums I have moved everything  to a New BLOG which is free and now up and running.


You will find the blog here and are invited to post stories ( must have a Gmail account ) and view our Obituaries List.


RNH Stonehouse Reunion Blog


It also has all the details of our 2014 RNH Stonehouse Reunion.


The Royal Naval Hospital at Stonehouse in Plymouth occupies a unique position in the memories of all who have ever worked or been treated there. Its high grey walls originally designed to keep patients in, now guard against the encroachment of urbanisation. The central buildings of the hospital have changed very little since its completion in 1762, and the grounds have a quiet, almost rural charm that combine to provide it with an air of grace.


Two hundred and thirty five years ago in 1760, the first patients were moved in from the malt houses and warehouses along the shoreline to occupy a hospital whose design was so far advanced as to make it the finest in Europe. Social conditions at the time however, were primitive, and expertise in the fields of medicine, surgery and nursing was in its infancy. It took another century for these disciplines to innovate themselves to begin to achieve the high standards we now take for granted.


The gentlemen surgeons who paraded in high collars down the colonnade, the ladies from every calling who rolled up their sleeves to nurse the dying; and the VAD's and Sick Berth Attendants who took their professionalism all over the world, are the products of the Royal Naval Hospital for the reception of sick and hurt seamen and marines' at Stonehouse in Plymouth, Devon.


Graham Evans




On 31st March 1995, RNH Plymouth ( Stonehouse ) built for the reception of sick and hurt seamen and marines, closed its gates, 235 years after admitting it's first patient.

We lucky few, who served and lived there will remember the old girl with much fondness, the like of which, will never be seen again.

Joe Roulstone




In a years time with the closure of RNH Haslar, the long RNH tradition of service and eccentricity will finally vanish and thousands of doctors and staff who were part of it, even briefly and sometimes unwillingly, will sense the loss. The charm of the naval hospitals lay in their being just a little behind the times, generally never too busy, and always part of a greater service whose traditions they shared. Clubby, orderly, quaint, and decently resourced, they were everything that the current frontline NHS is not—clearly the reason they had to go, but a reason also to mourn their passing.



Colin Douglas, doctor and novelist


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As you go through the News pages you will note that a lot of articles are old news and I can hear you saying to yourself, why keep all this old stuff!


The reason is simple, some of our past colleagues are only just finding this Website, quite a few live abroad, I leave it all on in order for them to catch up and see what's been happening over the past few years, nuff said!


Why Old News?

5th November 2012



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New Pictures & Stuff

From the Introduction in Graham Evans Book

Pictorial Record Between the Years 1762 - 1995